Guillermo Marin – BSC, Eva Sciacca – INAF & WP3 partners of SPACE CoE

“SPACE ML, Visualization data analysis and workflow framework use cases and requirements”,

D3.1 Public deliverable submitted at M12 (December 2023)

This deliverable is a report on requirements and use cases for the SPACE Machine Learning and visualization tools, and topology-aware workflows for modular High Performance Computing (HPC) applications. The use cases and requirements have been collected to better identify post-processing analysis for the simulation data products and to integrate run-time modules suitable for coupling the exascale applications with visualization tools (such as VisIVO, Blender and Paraview) and Machine Learning techniques including representation learning, generative AI and Convolutional Neural Networks.

Download the deliverable (pdf format).

Lubomir Riha and IT4I@VSB team

“First report on evaluation of Energy Efficiency”,

D2.2 Public deliverable submitted at M12 (December 2023)

Energy efficiency is defined as the ratio of performance (floating-point operations per second) per Watt consumed by the application. In this deliverable, the energy efficiency of SPACE CoE applications has been evaluated with the aim of improving it by changing the selected power knobs of the underlying hardware.

Download the deliverable (pdf format).

Luca Tornatore – INAF & WP1 partners

“Scientific Cases”,

D1.1 Public deliverable submitted at M12 (December 2023)

This document illustrates several scientific use cases in astrophysics that demonstrate the power of data-driven research. The selected scientific cases have two main characteristics.

On the one hand, they represent current cutting-edge problems in the respective research fields and allow us to examine how different types of data, including observational, simulated, and experimental data, are used to address pressing questions in astrophysics. On the other hand, they pose relevant computational challenges to the CoE codes and stress their capability to scale in several respects.

Download the deliverable (pdf format).