Eight codes

Following an extensive analysis of the features and capabilities of current Astrophysics and Cosmology (A&C) codes, eight flagship codes representing the state of the art of HPC in A&C, and covering 70% of the HPC A&C simulations, have been selected for the SPACE re-design activities.


N body simulations of cosmological volumes, galaxy clusters and isolated galaxies


SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) with tree-gravity solver for cosmological volumes and zoom-in galaxy simulations


Eulerian AMR adaptive mesh refinement -HD/MHD/RMHD (Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics) code with Lagrangian module to treat sub-grid electron physics, thermal emission from highly energetic particles and dust grains


Particle in cell method with MLMD Multi Level Multi Domain grid adaptation. Electrons and ions are described with computational particles and the electric, magnetic and gravitational field with Eulerian or Lagrangian grids


Eulerian, cosmology, fully compressible, AMR adaptive mesh refinement (cell-by-cell), MHD, radiation hydrodynamics, cosmic rays, dust dynamics, particles (dark matter, stars, dust)


High-order HRSC High Resolution Shock Capturing Special Relativistic Hydrodynamics code for the solution of GRHD General Relativistic Hydrodynamics equations in Astrophysical context such as: Binary Neutron Star mergers with realistic microphysics, gravitational waveforms of BNS coalescences and turbulent Hydrodynamics in core-collapse supernovae


State-of-the art simulations of Binary Neutron Star and Neutron Star - Black Hole mergers with the modeling of Gravitational Wave signals, magnetic field turbulence and properties of the ejected matter


State-of-the art simulations of accretion flows in various fixed spacetime metrics with associated capability of modeling electromagnetic emission and imaging at radio wavelengths

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