CoE Focus


Evolving 8 among the most used and widespread European codes to the exascale paradigms is the main objective of the SPACE Centre of Excellence (CoE).

SPACE will pursue this objective through co-design activities that bring together scientists, community code developers, HPC experts, hardware manufacturers and software developers, to evolve the existing state-of-the-art codes into new products able to efficiently exploit the forthcoming computing architectures.

The essential strength of the Centre of Excellence is to connect and federate a significant fraction of the numerical A&C European community.


The main specific objective of SPACE is the enabling of the most widely used European A&C HPC codes (which are also among the most used worldwide) to the efficient and effective exploitation of the pre-exascale systems funded by EuroHPC JU and available at the end of 2022, and to prepare them for the transition to exascale and beyond.

The SPACE CoE will also promote the adoption of general and community standards for data products adhering to the FAIR principles, and promoting data and applications interoperability based on the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) technological standards and best practices.


The SPACE CoE will pursue a user-driven approach in order to tightly couple to the A&C community and it will adopt a co-design methodology for the development of the selected applications.

A sustainable software development strategy will be adopted to cope with technological evolution, so that exascale-ready software solutions can be easily included by the different codes, thus realizing a substantial economy of scale, shortening the time needed to adapt to a rapidly changing technology.

Finally, SPACE will undertake the deployment of the selected applications and will foster their utilization among users through a specific outreach and training program, aimed at creating a broad and skilled talent pool in Europe, and ultimately will boost the use of high performance and high throughput solutions in academia. With this approach, SPACE will pave the way for the transition to and beyond exascale technologies.