Training title: The OpenGadget code for Cosmological Simulations

Organizers: INAF-LMU
Date: June 18th, 2024
Time: 15.00 – 15.45 CEST
Language: English
Event format: online
Level: intermediate, advanced

The talk is intended for expert in HPC that non-necessarily have a domain-specific knowledge in cosmology and astrophysics

Prerequisites: some experience in HPC
Tutor/s names: Luca Tornatore (INAF), Geray Karademir (LMU)
Video Recording: The OpenGadget code for Cosmological Simulations
Agenda & topics

The training is addressed to HPC experts from all domains interested in evolving their codes to "exa-scale". The audience will benefit from the training, discovering how a different community is solving computational problems and implementing algorithms. Conversely, the benefits for the speakers will come from the audience observations, discussions, suggestions, and even error spotting.

15.00 - 15:30 Code presentation and technical discussion; algorithms, performance, metrics and the road towards exascale.

15.30 - 15:45 Q&A, technical discussion, short hands-on demo

The participation in the training is free of charge.

The webinar is organised by the SPACE CoE and NCC Czechia.